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    Bustabit Highlights

    Indirectly, the reliability of this online casino can be judged by the fact that it has existed for more than 8 years, that pretty serious term for a crypto casino. The original site was developed by well-known representatives of the gambling industry MoneyPot SRL, who have already created and launched dozens of successful casino projects. The site was first launched in 2014 and after a short period of Bustabit demo mode, it became fully active. Even for experienced gamblers, the appearance of the gaming portal may seem unusual. And, indeed, it does not look like any gambling resource or blockchain casino, which you may find on the Internet. This is another advantage of the site that makes it recognizable and distinguishable from other competitors.

    Another important peculiarity of this casino is that the players are not given the opportunity to download the application for mobile devices running on Android or iOS. At the same time, even an inexperienced casino player may notice that the gaming portal has been designed for perfect display on the screens of mobile devices. Everything, even the smallest details, icons, menus, is fully adaptable to being displayed on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. This also applies to the constantly updated chat feed, which takes up most of the playing field. There you can find active users, Bustabit predictor, and even official casino representatives. The first thing users pay attention to is the interface design. It is minimalistic, which is not typical for ordinary blockchain casinos. The color range is dominated by gray tones that do not overload gamblers’ eyes and keep their engagement at a high level. In addition to being minimalistic, the casino site is not overloaded with animation, so it launches quickly even on not up-to-date computers.

    At the same time, it is recommended to use the latest versions of operating systems for financial and information security reasons.

    Bustabit does not have many menus and sections. Instead, all information is well structured in the form of icons and buttons.

    Immediately after going to the official site, the user is taken to the main page where information about the casino is located, what kind of entertainment is offered and how to play correctly. In addition, on the main page, you can find a leaderboard with a top list of the best players and their win rates.

    If you scroll down, you can find general Bustabit statistics for the casino, namely:

    • wagered (2,000,000 BTC);
    • bankroll (1,300 BTC);
    • the house edge (1%).

    All of the above-mentioned information is actually at the time of writing this Bustabit review.

    In the header and footer of the official site, there are 2 large “Play” buttons. After clicking on those buttons, gamblers are transferred to the playing field or to the registration section if an account has not yet been created.

    Considering the features of this casino, one cannot fail to note the main advantages of crypto gambling platforms over ordinary online casinos.

    Bustabit Mobile version


    Is Bustabit legal? Kind of. But its key feature is not about legality but about providing almost 100% anonymity of the gaming process. Unlike ordinary casinos, in crypto gambling houses, players are not required to provide personal data (for example, full name, copies of identity documents, and so on) or information about the presence of an active bank account. In this case, you just need to go through a quick registration and start playing.


    Since in crypto casinos there is a rule that customers’ money belongs only to them, players do not have to worry about blocking a profile on a casino website in case of problems with a bank account. This is explained by the fact that digital money is independent funds and is not related to banks. Plus, they are not under the control of financial institutions. Accordingly, the turnover, purchase, sale, storage of funds are under the full control of their owners. Also, the site’s software is fully protected. No one is allowed to tinker with the Bustabit game code.

    Possibility to Increase your Winnings

    In the case of casinos that use regular currency, players can expect a win that absolutely depends on the current currency rate. In this case, unpleasant fluctuations in the exchange rate and currency depreciation can occur. So if you end up receiving less than you expected after converting crypto, this doesn’t mean that Bustabit is rigged. In the case of crypto gambling, there is no such problem, because it is extremely volatile. Plus, the constant growth of the BTC rate is undeniable.

    Allegedly, there are special scripts allowing you to get free bits. Feel free to try them at your discretion.

    No limit for bets

    In a typical bitcoin casino, players can split their funds and make micro-stakes (up to 100 million exchange units). At the same time, the involvement in the Bustabit game increases while the risks of losing a large amount of money are reduced.

    Reducing restrictions

    This advantage is especially pronounced in geographic regions where gambling industry restrictions exist at the legislative level. Based on the fact that digital currency is not subject to a financial institution, there is no legal basis for limiting it.

    The increased technological level of software and quality of service

    The casino and other BTC platforms are the future of the online gambling industry. To implement such projects, modern technologies are used, which affect all aspects of the Bustabit game process.

    In addition, many gamblers highly evaluate bitcoin casinos for the lack of high transaction fees rates.

    Praise and Critique

    Bustabit casino can currently be confidently called fair, where the game process, conditions for making a deposit, payment terms, etc. absolutely correspond to those stated on the official website. However, this was not always the case. At the very beginning of its existence, like many other casinos using blockchain technologies, faced criticism from players and was accused of fraud.

    This led to the fact that soon after the establishment of the site, the casino owners decided to take the next step, open Bustabit source code, and then – brought in official licensees. As a result, the casino has a corresponding section called “Provably Fair.”

    Sign up at Bustabit

    Bustabit rules towards registration are simple. In order to create an account on the platform, you need to go to the official website and find the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the screen. The second option is to click on the “Play” button on the main page. If players are not registered, they will be transferred to the registration page. The process itself takes a few minutes and consists of the following steps:

    1. Enter login and password. By default, the system offers you a strong password option that you can change if you want. However, this is a casino that accepts variants where both numbers and letters (lower and capital cases) are used.
    2. Enter an email address. You must provide a valid email, where the confirmation of your account registration will be sent. It will also be the main channel of communication for you with the casino team in case of technical or financial issues.
    3. Re-enter the password. This is the last step, where you are asked to re-enter the password specified in the first stage of registration.

    After that, the player is optionally offered to enter the Bustabit game code required to activate double authorization. This significantly increases the safety of the gaming process as well as the credibility of the casino in the eyes of the player.

    After that, gamblers are transferred to the main playing field, where they can immediately start betting.

    Details about how to play Bustabit games will be mentioned in the corresponding section below, but the header of this page should be described here.

    So, the header takes up no more than 10% of the entire page size, but it contains the main navigation buttons and tabs.


    Cashier  This is the first button next to the casino logo. After clicking on this button, the player is presented with a small tab where there is information about:

    – deposits: the history of the exchange of funds to the account from the moment of registration to the present moment;

    – withdrawing from Bustabit: similar to the previous option, but only in relation to the amounts that the player transferred to the wallet or card;

    – tips that are available only after confirmation of a valid email address.

    Bankroll  This is the second button that gives the player access to the following options:

    – an overview with information about how much money there is on account currently, profit from investments, the total profit of all casino investors, and the commission rate expressed in percentages;

    – modify bankroll where players can either invest or divest their funds with statistical data regarding the expected income in the first and second cases;

    – history, where players can track the changes, which may be filtered by date.

    Styles  This is the third tab, which reflects the basic data on the number of active users, the total volume of rates, profit by investors, the size of the commission, and so on.
    Leaderboard  This is the penultimate tab where the top players are displayed, which usually consists of 25 users. You can filter this list with the following parameters:

    • nickname;
    • the amount of wagering;
    • the total winning amount by the casino member;
    • all-time high and all-time low profit;
    • rate level.

    Also, you can filter all of the above-mentioned indicators by time (24 hours, week, month, year).

    Help  This is the last tab that contains a list of 36 the most common questions that players may face during the game.


    In the upper right corner, there are two more tabs that relate directly to managing the player’s profile.

    1. Account. After clicking on this tab, players are shown a tab where they can change their Bustabit passwords or nickname, as well as manage the two-factor authentication option. Here they can also delete their accounts. Keep in mind that it will be impossible to restore it. When deleting an account, players lose all accumulated bonuses, money, investments, etc. There is also access to general information about the account and the date of its registration, highest Bustabit rates, wagering, prizes, etc.
    2. Bits. This is where your real Bitcoin balance is displayed.

    Licensing & Safety Bustabit Casino

    Above, it was mentioned that there is a separate icon on the main page of the casino that is called “Provably fair”. When you click on this icon, you are transferred to the page with information that players can use any suitable Bustabit scripts in order to check all the hashes of the game and calculate the results. For more detailed information regarding the technical side of the issue, players can follow the attached link to the special forum.

    Bustabit licence

    In the pinned post, there is a Busta bit script that players can use to check the results and check the casino’s fairness.

    This foundation works exclusively with casinos using blockchain technology, deals with the problems associated with a popular crypto casino, and offers methods for solving them. This company has already created dozens of methodological developments and tools, which have become standards throughout the gambling industry.

    The certification from this company also indicates that Bustabit USA supports the principles of responsible and social gambling and pays attention to the following:

    • informing all casino members about the nature of gambling as entertainment, which may be associated with certain risks, and that it is not worth using casino games as the main way to generate income;
    • encouraging gamblers to bet within reasonable limits, and providing them with comprehensive information about the game in order to understand possible risks and financial losses.

    Speaking about the license of this crypto gambling platform, the Bustabit legal USA platform is certified by the Costa Rica Gambling Committee. In addition, if you scroll down the main page of the site, then in the footer you can notice a mark that proves that the current casino is certified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation. It dispels any suspicion in Bustabit scam activity.

    Software Providers at Bustabit 

    Unlike the vast majority of crypto casinos, where you can find a variety of games from themed slots to video poker and live dealer roulette created by the best developers of the industry, the casino has a very limited offer. Here, players will not find games from Microgaming, Netent, Novomatic, and there are no Bustabit simulator games, etc. In general, here you can try only one game, which is the solution of the casino itself, based on smart contracts and blockchain technology. Since the game itself and the developer are directly related, it is reasonable to describe all the nuances of the gameplay in this section.

    As mentioned above, after registration you will be taken directly to the playing field. Here you can immediately notice that a certain number of players are constantly involved in the gameplay. Some join the game, some leave it, but the number of players rarely falls below 750-800. You can use the Bustabit calculator to see how much you can expect to win.

    In the upper left part of the screen, there is a graph with the X and Y axes, as well as the indicator of the maximum possible winnings under the given conditions of the bet.

    Each round starts with the fact that the players place their bets and the multiplier, which is reflected in the chart, begins to grow. This continues until it collapses. After that, the round ends and the time is counted until the start of the second round. Typically, an average game time is about 5 seconds.

    If the players hit the cash out button in time, then they get a win corresponding to the multiplier on which the chart stopped. Cash-out rates, in turn, are displayed on the X-axis, and the cash-out indicators on the Y-axis.

    All bets of the players at Bustabit who lost do not expire, but add to the total money bank, which forms the jackpot for subsequent rounds.

    Thus, this game is in many ways similar to dice, with the only difference being that a large number of people participate in it simultaneously.

    Also, this entertainment serves as proof that for many players, the presence of vivid 3D animation and sound effects is not a fundamental factor. The players are captivated by the fact that they bet real money and wait for the moment when the curve collapses, and this can happen both after a few seconds by x10 or after a longer period of time by x1000.

    All emotions and excitement about the gameplay can be seen in the chat, which is located right below the graph and where you can find the Bustabit predictor. There is an opportunity to send not only text messages, but also emojis, the selection of which is truly impressive. All players have the ability to switch from the chat display mode to the “History” mode. In this case, players can see about the last 100 rounds with all important characteristics, namely:

    • the indicator on which the round stopped;
    • the rate that the player placed in this round;
    • the amount of the received wins;
    • a hash number that you can copy and double-check its validity.

    To the right side of the graph, there are Bustabit timer, the main gameplay control elements, and boxes where you can specify the number of bitcoins that you want to bet as well as the payout index. Slightly below there is a “Bet” button, that allows you to register your bet.

    As you can see, the Bustabit formula of a successful game is simple. All control is carried out exclusively with the mouse. However, the casino functionality also provides hotkeys.

    • Space – place a bet;
    • E – subtract 50% of the rate;
    • R – double the amount of the bet;
    • D – half payout;
    • F – double the payout.

    Despite the fact that the policy of the platform is more focused on ensuring gamblers use their own strategy, casino members can use the script. They are available in the auto-play section.

    In general, you can use any Busta bit script, but the casino arsenal has 5 pre-installed ones, namely:

    • Flat Bet;
    • Sniper;
    • Martingale;
    • Payout Martingale;
    • Narrator.

    Opposite each of the above-listed scripts, there are buttons for their activation, deactivation, as well as a pinned link to the Github resource. There you can get a detailed description of each of the auto betting scripts. Plus, there you can learn from the experiences of other casino members about using those scripts.

    In order to track the general trend of the game at Busta bit, there is a list of all active players who are participating in the current round and all online users. This list is displayed on the right side of the screen. In addition, here you can track the total amount that players are betting during the round. While the increasing curve is going up, all players who place bets are displayed in an ornamental color. Below you can see indicators that show rates, and the amount they won. As soon as the round is over, those who lost are colored red, and those who won the bet are colored green.

    Bonus at Bustabit Casino

    Taking into account the specifics of the gaming process, the bonus program is not a priority in this type of online casino. For now, the only bonus and the best Busta bit strategy are choosing a successful run time before the curve on the graph drops. After the players have made their bets, the system withdraws 1% from each bet and subsequently transfers the resulting amount to the winner.

    Nevertheless, the official casino representatives said that there is a high probability that awards may appear in the near future. At the same time, players do not yet know whether it will be exclusive, no deposit, or a regular deposit bonus.

    Payment Options

    Bustabit algorithm supports only bitcoins, so if you have fiat money or other types of digital currency, then first of all it is worth visiting the exchangers.

    You can transfer funds to your account by going to the “Cashier” tab. Here players receive a warning that any type of currency other than bitcoin cannot be credited and when trying to make a deposit, the amount may not be returned to the players.

    In the tab that opens, you see a QR code with the encrypted address to which you can transfer cryptocurrency. Below, there is a box where the same address is indicated, but in text form. You can copy it and perform a transaction using one of the bitcoin wallets.

    Bustabit Payments methods

    The peculiarity of the casino is that there is no minimum bet size, the system accepts any amount. The only requirement is confirmation of the transaction, which can take no more than 10 minutes. In addition, it should be remembered that the system charges a small but fixed fee for the transfer of funds. That is another pro of not only Busta bit but all crypto gambling platforms in general. 

    In order to provide a certain level of security, the casino generates a new address to which money must be transferred every time gamblers make a transaction. At the same time, the old addresses remain active and funds can be credited to them as well.

    As for transferring funds to your wallet, you can order it from the next tab called “Withdrawing from Bustabit”. When clicking on the tab, the player sees a notification that warns some of their funds may not be withdrawn in the following cases:

    • if the player has previously deposited funds, but the system has not confirmed a successful transaction;
    • if a part of the amount that the player wants to withdraw is taking part in the current game.

    Below there are two boxes: in the first, you need to enter the amount of funds you are interested in for withdrawal, and in the second you should enter the address of your bitcoin wallet.

    From the right side, there is the “Max” button. After clicking on this button, the player can select all the funds to be transferred from the account to the wallet.

    For withdrawal of funds, players can choose the option of immediate or standard transfer. In the first case, the player will be charged an additional commission of 8.49 bits. The disadvantage of the second option is the waiting time for funds to be credited, which can take up to 24 hours.

    It should be remembered that all transfers at Bustabit in favor of players are made from a hot wallet. This means that you should not select a resource that uses the “send address” or “return to sender”. Otherwise, the withdrawal of funds may occur in favor of another user.

    An important point: casino works so that to ensure maximum security, players are advised to use a new address each time the transaction takes place. Plus, this address should support segwit technology.

    With the help of this technology, it is possible to solve 2 main problems that a player may face during withdrawing funds: scalability and plasticity.

    Scalability is a measure of the total number of operations that can occur in an allotted amount of time. Plasticity is the ability to change the identifier of a transaction. This can be done, for example, by adding optional service constants to the signature. 

    Customer Support at Bustabit Casino

    It should be said that this unique bitcoin betting site does not have a fairly developed support service, which is explained by a smaller audience compared, for example, to ordinary online casinos. Plus, the gameplay itself is quite simple and each stage of the game is intuitive. In addition, gamblers can get all the necessary information from the section with frequently asked questions about how to use Bustabit services, where the nuances of account replenishment, withdrawal of funds, security, anonymity, etc. are described.

    If the problem requires the participation of casino specialists, then at the bottom of the FAQ section there is a special link. By clicking on this link, the player is transferred to the section where it is possible to create tickets. All you need to do is indicate your nickname, input a valid email address, and the very essence of your question. Typically, the Busta bit team responds within an hour, but sometimes this time can be delayed.

    At the moment, the development team does not provide the possibility of live chat or a built-in messenger for contacting the support team. However, such an option may appear in the future.

    Separately, it should be said about the site’s constantly developing community on such social networks as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can also find a Bustabit forum on pretty much any crypto-related site. There you can contact not only other players and share your experience but also official casino representatives and ask them a question directly.

    In addition, on the Internet, you can find forums dedicated to the casino and its game.


    What if the transaction was not confirmed?

    As a rule, all requests are processed in a matter of seconds and immediately transferred to the blockchain. However, situations may arise when the confirmation of a financial transaction may be delayed, depending on its commission and the total number of other unconfirmed transactions.

    Do I need to change a withdrawal address?

    No, however, it is in the interests of the players to use a new address every time to transfer funds from the account to the wallet. This will help avoid tracking your private information. Use a Bustabit guide for this to speed up the process.

    Can I withdraw a deposit after pre-crediting?

    The amount of the deposit can be withdrawn only if it is confirmed. If this did not happen, then players have the right to withdraw only the profit that was earned using the deposit.

    Is Bustabit legal?

    Yes, in a sense. What makes Bustabit legal in technical terms is that the site is based solely on crypto gambling, with no fiat money transactions.

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