Cooperation between Playtech and Swiss Casinos Group

Last Updated on 08.04.2022 by mglevche

First jackpot game

A well-known gaming developer Playtech announced its intention to provide digital products to one of the largest casino operators in Switzerland more than a year ago. In particular, this applies to software for games that allow you to make deposits and withdraw funds in digital currency. All this happened after a major crisis in the Swiss gambling industry caused by newly adopted laws. According to these laws, no casino provider can use software from unauthorized gaming companies. This created a wave of discontent not only on the part of providers but also online casinos users. However, as you can see, a simple solution to the problem was found quite quickly.

Shortly thereafter, in early 2022, the well-known UK developer launched the first live dealer casino under the aforementioned agreement.

According to the words of Playtech’s COO, this particular casino provider was chosen due to the popularity and ratings of Swiss Casino among all gambling enterprises in the region. In addition, Playtech has never hidden its desire to expand the scope of gaming activities in this region.

The owners of Swiss Casino pointed out that Playtech was not the only contender to enter the newly regulated market, but they were the ones who managed to launch the first jackpot game and a live casino client.