New SportX crypto integration

Last Updated on 16.03.2022 by mglevche

Sportx bet

A reputable sports betting service SportX adds Exodus to its gaming platform. It is a popular e-wallet that specializes in storing and carrying out transactions in digital currency.

Nowadays even those people who are far from digital money have no doubt that the popularity of cryptocurrency greatly influences the gambling business. Realizing that the future belongs to cryptocurrency, the SportX management decided to keep up with current trends.

Players can choose any sport available on the betting site and place a wager using a smart contract that operates using the Polygon network.

As a result, the community of this gaming platform was joined by more than one million users of the electronic cryptocurrency wallet.

The platform now has the following main requirement for sport betting in crypto: the minimum bet amount must not be less than 5 dollars. At the same time, your bet can be either sent to an electronic wallet or exchanged for one of the 138 digital currencies that are supported by the system.

In addition, SportX intends to expand its sphere of influence, including entering new markets of France, the Netherlands, and Asia.