New Virtue Gaming сoncept

Last Updated on 23.02.2022 by mglevche

Virtue gaming poker

Virtue Gaming Casino is believed to be one of the best crypto poker services in the gambling world. A significant contribution to the service’s popularity and reputation was made by the winner of eight Poker World Series bracelets and the World Poker Tour tournament champion Phil Ivey.

Almost a year ago this casino announced its intention to refocus and embody the idea of ​​”play to earn” in its business model.

According to the brand’s owner, this move can make online poker more accessible to US gamblers.

The fact is that in 50 states, only 6 federal authorities have special tools to legalize and control online poker. The company sees the solution in providing 500 virtual points to all players, which is equivalent to 147.37 USD. Gamblers can claim this prize as an additional part of the “Welcome” bonus and receive it for free after completing the registration procedure. They will be able to turn points into real money after fulfilling all wagering requirements.

Since Virtue Gaming is a cryptocurrency platform, users will have an opportunity to convert points into ETH or Bitcoin and further send them to Virtue Gaming side-chain smart contracts to participate in the game.

The trick is that complimentary points which are given by casinos for free do not meet the definition of “betting”, you can even turn them into real money afterward.

This legal loophole will definitely help the Virtue Gaming crypto casino increase its audience and become even more popular in 2022.

Casino providers have also foreseen the very real prospect of fraud using this scheme. Therefore, all poker gaming tables will come with special wide-ranging peer-to-peer shuffling algorithms.