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Blockchain news laid outside the mass concern till recent years. However, things are changing now and the blockchain tech-based markets constantly widen their boundaries by introducing Bitcoin & altcoin options to an ever-growing number of online services. Several years ago, most of them seemed fully incompatible with blockchain payment solutions, but now, virtual currencies are becoming just a common method of transferring funds.

You may not doubt, most experts agree that cryptocurrency has great potential. However, the blockchain market remains highly volatile and requires thorough attention to its key tendencies. If you are searching where to find clear and unbiased block chain news, join this site and follow this ultimate overview of the main events that make the crypto world go round. It will help you to keep in touch with pros’ predictions for the industry and thus comfortably manage your crypto affairs.

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Latest Bitcoin News 2022

On the face of it, it may seem that both the expert crypto trader and the newcomer who only thinks of purchasing their first Bitcoin or any of its alternatives are only interested in getting correct price predictions as for these virtual currencies. However, fresh block chain news may give much more info about new blockchain platforms, recent changes in this or that country’s blockchain regulation, the latest innovations, and many more. They may not only guide you through crypto BUY/SELL activities but also guard you against dangerous investment and hard frauds.

Being part of the global economy, the blockchain industry presents daily news from all over the globe. The improvement of crypto legislation in India, the implementation of the blockchain-based trade project between Singapore and Australia, or the application of blockchain techs to plastic recycling from Japanese IBM affect the whole world. News like these indicates the rise of crypto coins’ popularity and their mainstream status after all. Let’s survey the major 2022 events from the crypto world that have made a difference for traders, investors, and common Bitcoin consumers.

Bitcoin Mining News

What global blockchain mining corp news shows is that Bitcoin mining has become influential at the national level. At the center of attention is Bitcoin, the most renowned crypto coin of the globe. This is a matter of big hopes and great concern as well. It might affect global ecology and have political outcomes.

Bitcoin Mining News from China

Chinese authorities have imposed several bans on crypto mining since 2017, however, May 2021 prohibition has caused a global impact since crypto mining has increased its power not only in China but in other countries with large economies. Thus, many mining corporations had to change their location. Other miners preferred to sell Bitcoin. No wonder Bitcoin price started to sink and slumped to USD 30,000.

Beijing explained such a clampdown as measures of prevention that could mitigate risks of illegal investment and money laundering in the country. However, most experts linked them to China’s Central Bank tests of their own cryptocurrency and the attempt to ensure its competitive position in the country’s markets.

US Bitcoin Mining Grow and Becomes More Green

How did the Chinese mining ban affect the US mining industry? Well, many miners left this country and moved to the US. If the United States occupied the fifth position by the number of Bitcoin numbers in 2020, now it is the second biggest crypto haven with about 17% of the world’s crypto miners located here.

For years, cryptocurrency attackers spread propaganda against it by declaring its crucial effect on climate change. However, recent researches have indicated that Bitcoin mining shifts more and more to renewable energy sources and is today much greener. The data given by the chief executives of Compass Mining show that the USA Bitcoin mining is now over 50% green. Obviously, the tendency will only be intensified in the near future.

Canada’s Blockchain News

Canada is another North American country with a rising crypto mining industry. It develops similarly to that of the US regarding its energetic policies oriented on carbon footprint reduction in this sector. Hive Blockchain is an example of a public mining company in Canada listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange in 2017. It has employed green technologies since 2013 and the latest Hive Blockchain news is that the company has HODLed its 1,000th clean-energy Bitcoin.

Canada’s Blockchain News

This Hive Blockchain news will attract even more international miners, especially those from China and Iran. It is true all the more that the company has signed 3,000 miner machines (or ASICS) from MicroBT. It is expected that the company’s global hash rate will show a monthly rise of 24.5 Petahash per second. By the way, Hive Blockchain stock news says the company received the BUY rating with its rating score of 3.00.

Canadian blockchain companies often collaborate and contribute to blockchain ecosystem development. An example of such a collaboration is the recent $3 ml investments of DMG Blockchain Solutions in Brain Capital.

Mining News from Iran

Bitcoin mining plays an essential role in the Iran economy today. After Donald Trump’s sanctions in 2018, this country endured a bitter blow to its economic ambitions. However, being home to 4.5% of the world’s mining companies, Iran has managed to tender the sanctions’ impact on its economy to a significant extent.

A problem here is that 85% of these miners remain unregulated. Moreover, intensive mining led to mass blackouts throughout the country in spring 2021. So, the freshest block chain news from the country is that  Iran banned energy-consuming mining for four months at the end of May.

Recent Bitcoin Trading News

Blockchain experts’ Bitcoin potential slump alerts agitate the trading blockchain news readers at the moment. However, together with common Bitcoin trading events like Mastercard’s purchase of the CipherTrade mining company or the coming merger of and Greenage, they might go on the back burner as the breaking block chain news from El Salvador is coming these days.

This country is the first nation to adopt cryptos as an official currency. The country’s economy depends to a certain extent on the billion-dollar remittances made from abroad. The government is thus aimed at lowering commissions paid on them. Their estimations suggest $400 million saving for Salvadorans thanks to such a revolutionary decision. However, there are its critics, too. Many experts are concerned about a possible jump in money laundering issues.

Bitcoin Investment News

Investment in crypto is a matter of great nicety, with lots of risks. It depends much on blockchain stock news and the emotions excited by them since Twitter criticism on Bitcoin posted by Elon Musk alongside Beijing’s ban on crypto mining have caused a little depression in the investment sector this spring.

However, this crisis has nothing to do with the real crypto panic of late 2017. Again, this is all about how investors perceive cryptocurrency potential, and this time they took the events easier. It’s logical as long as multiple factors have contributed to the consolidation of the Bitcoin positions, namely:

  • we have two times more Bitcoin ATMs in comparison with 2020;
  • there are plenty of crypto exchanges and wallets that have made deposits and withdrawals in BTC and altcoins an instant and commonplace practice;
  • we now have Stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies;
  • DeFi platforms ensure a more secure experience with cryptos now – they cannot be stolen, all operations are anonymous.

As for the latter, 2022 might be the year of the so-called DeFi exchanges, that is, low-risk trade & investment platforms using decentralized finance protocol technologies. By the way, the latest blockchain news shows that DeFi’s market capitalization exceeds USD 100 billion now and its constant growth is predicted by most experts.

So, we observe the trend of shifting from short-term cautious investment to long-term one, based on bigger confidence. And such blockchain news as the Canadian Ark‘s decision to invest in companies like the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is to come in the coming years.

Current Bitcoin Price News

Bitcoin is the most famous virtual currency and a usual object of the daily block chain news. It all started in 2009 when an individual (or a group of them) known as Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin as an inner value of the blockchain-based payment system. From then on, the peer-to-peer network served (and serves now) to transfer and store value. The range of prices at which Bitcoin began trading was from $0.0008 to 8 cents. In April 2013 it cost USD 100 while in November of that year the price jumped to USD 1,000.

Current Bitcoin Price

From 2013, Bitcoin ceased to be a weird thing strange people used for their obscure activities. Instead, Bitcoin became permanent in global enterprise blockchain news since serious companies gave their symbolic approval for it and began to trade it. Thanks to its unprecedented security and anonymity capacities, the Bitcoin blockchain sometimes was used as a unique solution to solve problems. Everyone might remember the striking example of 2016 when Uber suffered from the Argentine government ban on credit card payments for the company’s services. So, it shifted to Bitcoin, a legitimate and safe solution to transfer funds bypassing bank institutions. That very year, one of the Swiss railway operators optimized its equipment so that Bitcoin payments could be accepted.

This brief history of Bitcoin’s rising explains how this cryptocurrency gradually spread its influence and won confidence all over the globe. From blockchain news today, we know that its price is reposing at a level of about $45,000 with several hits of $50,000 observed in summer 2022. Many traders are accustomed to trading short-term deals based on the Bitcoin and altcoins price variation. Pros in such investments pay thorough attention to all blockchain technology news and news coming from crypto markets of the USA, China, Canada as well as of Russia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Philippines, and whatever. The reason is that even a seemingly dinky event or a weird message from a CEO can cause both rises and falls in cryptocurrency prices.

As for Bitcoin, its price only grew since 2009. But cryptocurrency is not always a bull market to buy and buy. In April 2021, Bitcoin was traded at its highest price for the time being – at $60,000. But then the already mentioned Chinese events happened, there were other issues, so Bitcoin became a bit cheaper since then. And if you do not believe that a mere phrase can also affect the price of a crypto coin, simply monitor the recent blockchain news from Sweden. You will come across the latest interview from the Swedish Central Bank governor who called crypto operations “trading in stamps” and made his gloomy prediction as for their future. The result? While on Monday, September 6, Bitcoin cost about $50,000, on Friday (after the interview was posted on every blockchain news feed), Bitcoin was traded at $45,918, to be specific. Ethereum also endured a 4.5% loss of price.

All these 2022 headlines from the global blockchain news together with the crypto scam might make up the agenda of the coming World Blockchain Summit in Dubai that will take place in October. But you are free to draw your own conclusions.

Where To Find Bitcoin News?

Piles and piles of sites claim today to be the “best source” of crypto coin and global blockchain news while their sole intention could be to propagate fakes and shady advertisements. Picking a trustworthy block chain news site may be a tough task for the newbie to cryptos. However, you may use this article as a starting point for this purpose.

The first tip on where to find trusted blockchain cryptocurrency news is to become a member of multi-million Bitcoin communities on social networks and global channels like Reddit, Twitter, Youtube streaming, etc. These platforms are the quickest sources of info since many official representatives and serious companies collaborate with them and post their global blockchain technologies corp news there on a regular basis.

Best Bitcoin News Websites

The events mentioned in this article only prove how important it is to receive timely blockchain news today. Our goal is to present you with the most reliable feeds on blockchain technology and crypto finance. The sites we introduce do not spread fakes – instead, they collaborate with top companies involved in crypto trading and similar activities, they employ experts in blockchain, so they may be your beacon in the ocean of blockchain news.

Top Trusted Sites with Latest Blockchain News

  • CoinTelegraph
  • Coinspace
  • CoinDesk
  • Reddit
  • com
  • Bitcoin Magazine

These are global leaders in delivering the latest news on blockchain technology and crypto trading. However, you might find other reputed sites with daily block chain news in your area. The main criteria for you to choose any is that it probably may not present the highest-standard level of journalism (but it is important, too) but it, by all means, ought to provide readers with credible info without of propaganda BTC  Casinos or deceptive links.

Bitcoin News from US

The USA and Canada are homes to numerous large corporations that represent blockchain-based companies or invest money in them. So, they regularly emerge in headlines of breaking block chain news from this region. Whether you are intended to get more specific info like NVIDIA profit from cryptocurrency miners that prefer this company’s hardware and Riot blockchain news about its 441th Bitcoin mined in August or you search for blockchain stock news in general, your US trusted sources of info will also include sites like:

  • CCN
  • TodayOnChain
  • Bitcoinist
  • NewsBTC
  • Null Tx

Bitcoin News from China

China has hit all blockchain cryptocurrency news this year with the country’s authorities’ severe crackdown on Bitcoin mining. This launched a domino reaction in the global crypto market. Interestingly, China remains the world’s leader in crypto mining today in spite of the fact that many Chinese miners have moved to other countries, including the US and Canada. Interestingly, not only the country’s crypto mining farms closed but also such portals as CoinWorld. This Chinese website and its dedicated app that provided the country’s blockchain technology news was closed in late August.

Bitcoin News from India

The latest block chain news from India displays that there is a significant shift from Bitcoin to Ethereum observed with Indian crypto traders. Local sites report that 70% of the money invested in cryptocurrencies by the Indians during the last 15 days was invested exactly in ETH. DeFi exchange options and the general propagation of this crypto coin explain such an interest. However, one more blockchain breaking news from India is that the government is going to implement new regulation laws for cryptocurrency markets in this country. It is reported that they will differ from those applied in the US and El Salvador.

Bitcoin News from Russia

As the blockchain cryptocurrency news reports, from January 2022, Bitcoin and altcoins are prohibited for any kind of payment in Russia, however, traders can legally invest in them. Together with this, Russian state employees cannot own crypto coins. All this shows that the country needs cryptocurrency climate improvement and the latest block chain news from the region says that the Kremlin is preparing new regulations in the sector, although president Putin’s press secretary has said that Russia is not ready for Bitcoin as a state currency.

Musk Bitcoin News

Elon Musk is accustomed to startle the Internet community with his controversial statements. Remember him saying he hates being a CEO at his company but he believes it “to die without him”? In the cryptocurrency world, his tweets seem to make a figure, too. Once Mr. Musk says his companies would stop working with Bitcoin, its price begins to drop. And then – after the Chinese bans and the sink to $30,000 – he declares that Bitcoin and other cryptos will be supported for payments in Tesla and SpaceX again, and BTC, ETC, and other coins go up. So, Elon Musk can be seen as a kind of blockchain breaking news feed that is better to follow.

Live Bitcoin News

For crypto traders and investors, it is of paramount importance to access the top-relevant blockchain technology news and fresh stock reports with constant updates. This is what we call getting hot block chain news live. Even nice sites with top-quality journalism often cannot boast such an option. However, there are several sites that certainly deserve your attention. For instance, you may pick the TradeView platform. It can serve as a reliable blockchain news feed, but its main function is to supply investors with up-to-date info like actual asset prices displayed in form of detailed trading charts.


What is blockchain technology?

In plain language, blockchain is a network used to stock and transfer information so that it cannot be changed or hacked. Blockchain techs are used to create decentralized payment systems ensuring secure, quick, and anonymous transactions.

What are the best sites with the latest news on blockchain technology and global blockchain news about crypto finance?

You can trust all the sites listed in this article. The top names are CoinTelegraph, Coinspace, CoinDesk, etc. As for social networks, you can join crypto communities on Twitter and Reddit. To access live trading charts with up-to-date crypto data, join TradeView.

What is the actual price of Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin price changes slightly but constantly. Global blockchain mining corp news influences it. For the time being, Bitcoin costs about $45,000.

What is HODLing?

The term HODL has come into existence in 2013 on some of the Bitcoin forums after a significant drop in the Bitcoin price. That was a mere misspelling of the word “hold”, however, the new form survived. Now it refers to short-term crypto trading.