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    0x.bet Casino Essential information

    The first to see in this 0x.bet casino review is the essential information all players should know regarding the platform.

    • Foundation Date: 18//7/2022.
    • Languages supported: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. 
    • Accepted Currencies: BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, CSC, BCH, USDT, ADA, XRP, NEO BNB, BSV, TRX.
    • Banned Countries: North Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, United States Minor Outlying Islands and the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Afghanistan, Algeria, Aruba, Bahrain, Bonaire, Brunei, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Curacao, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Futuna Islands, Iran, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia Reunion, Saba, St Eustatius, St Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint-Barthelemy and Wallis, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, UAE.
    • Minimum and Maximum Deposit: At least 20 EUR, with any of the before mentioned cryptocurrencies, and up to 1000 EUR per day.
    • Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal: At least 40 EUR, with any of the cryptocurrencies available, and up to 5000 EUR per day.

    One of the most important things to mention here is players, from banned countries, can still access the platform. Thankfully, it gives players a chance to access the platform with a VPN service, which allows them to increase the number of players in the casino.

    Also, the payment and withdrawal methods are only available with different cryptos, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and some others, making it easier for players worldwide to play here.

    Big Bonuses and Promotions

    In this online casino, bonuses, and promotions can be found all around the place. For those wondering if there are some 0x.bet Casino bonus code, here’s all the information regarding what people need to know about the platform.

    As for now, we can mention there are two main bonuses for people to use. There’s no welcome bonus available, so keep that in mind, the bonuses available here are cashback and rackeback, and this last one is only available for VIP players! Let’s see how each one of them works:


    Cashback There are three different types of cashback options available on the platform. They are divided the following way: 5% for players who have deposited less than 5000 EUR, 10% for potential VIP users, and 15% for VIP, Super VIP, and Mega VIP users-
    Rackeback (Only for VIP users) Rackeback is considered as a passive earning in casinos. In this case, the rackeback is divided into three different ways, 10% for Discoverer and Expert, 12% for Crypto Miner, and 15% for Whale and Crypto Guru. 


    There are also some 0x.bet Casino no deposit promotions available for all players. These promotions tend to change every once in a while, but they mostly give players the following:

    • Jackpot pool of up to 6.500.000 EUR with slots.
    • Jackpot pool of up to 6.500.000 EUR with live games.
    • 0x.bet free spins after players complete their profile.

    As seen here, 0x.bet no deposit promotions and 0x.bet free spins are present as promotions, but now it’s time to see how the VIP program works.

    0x.bet VIP Program

    Part of the bonuses that are given in 0x.bet are directly connected to the VIP program they have. In this case, players will have three different VIP levels. To climb up, the level ladder, players will have to deposit a certain amount of money, which will, of course, give benefits. Let’s see how the VIP program is divided:


    Level # Level name Deposit Amount Rackeback % Bonus for achievement
    1 Discoverer 0 EUR 10 0 EUR
    2 Discoverer 1000 EUR 10  0 EUR
    3 Potential VIP 5000 EUR 10  10 EUR
    2 Potential VIP 10000 EUR 10  20 EUR
    4 Potential VIP 50000 EUR 10  50 EUR
    5 VIP Crypto Miner 100000 EUR 12 100 EUR
    6 VIP Crypto Miner 175000 EUR 12 135 EUR
    7 VIP Crypto Miner 250000 EUR 12 200 EUR
    8 VIP Crypto Miner 375000 EUR 12 250 EUR
    9 VIP Crypto Miner 500000 EUR 12 400 EUR
    10 VIP Crypto Miner 750000 EUR 12 500 EUR
    11 VIP Crypto Miner 1000000 EUR 12 600 EUR
    12 Super VIP Whale 1750000 EUR 15 750 EUR
    13 Super VIP Whale 3750000 EUR 15 1250 EUR
    14 Super VIP Whale 5000000 EUR 15 1500 EUR
    15 Super VIP Whale 7000000 EUR 15 2000 EUR
    16 Super VIP Whale 10000000 EUR 15 2500 EUR
    17 Super VIP Whale 17500000 EUR 15 3000 EUR
    18 Super VIP Whale 25000000 EUR 15 500 EUR
    19 Super VIP Crypto Guru 40000000 EUR 15 10000 EUR


    0x.bet Casino Free spins 

    This casino offers players some free spins as a promotion which is always available. In this case, when talking regarding the 0x.bet free spins, people need to know they are available only for new players as a promotion.

    To access the 0x.bet free spins, players will need to complete their profile in the casino to be eligible for this promotion. There’s no information regarding where people can use these free spins, which means players might have the chance to use them in the game they prefer.

    Also, for the 30 free spins to become available, players will need to make one deposit. It can be the minimum deposit of 20 EUR, and after a few minutes, the 0x.bet free spins will be available in the player’s account.

    Leaving this promotion aside, people can also find some games which will give some 0x.bet bonus codes to get more free spins while playing, but that’s something totally different from the promotion and has nothing to do with the casino itself.

    Top Trending Games 0x.bet Casino 

    In this 0x.bet Casino Review, talking about the games available on the platform is a must. There are a lot of games players can find on this platform; the game catalog has over 50 different titles.

    The good thing about this catalog, even though it is not as huge as other online casinos, is they offer popular games. That way, players won’t have a hard time choosing what to play or trying to learn a new boring game.

    In this case, these games are endlessly entertaining and will provide people with hours and hours of fun. It is also important to note the fact these games come with a demo version available, which can help new players to understand how these slots, instant games, table games, and some other works.

    There’s also a live casino area in which experienced players can gamble as much as they want with different games, such as roulettes, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and many other options.

    As for the slots, we can find quite famous games such as Aviator, Kafish Hunter, Sugar Rush, Spaceman, Plinko XY, Legacy of Dead, Book of Dead, Big Bass Bonanza, Book of Fallen, Aztec Magic, and many others.

    But before moving on to other aspects of the casino, let’s talk a bit more about the game categories available in 0x.bet.


    For casino play, slots are nowadays the most important games the platform should have. In the case of 0x.bet Casino, the catalog is pretty complete, and that’s something players should take advantage of.

    The good thing about slots, apart from the 0x.bet Casino no deposit bonus codes are the different software providers available. The casino decided to use some major companies like Pragmatic Play, Play N’ Go, Blueprint, iSoftBet, Evolution, Spribe, Yggdrasil, and many others.

    Thanks to all of this, we can find a huge variety of games with different themes, and that will give people different chances to earn huge prizes with small bets, which, combined with the 0x.bet casino codes, makes a perfect combination for players.

    Instant Games

    When talking about 0x.bet Casino no deposit bonus; these games can’t be left aside as they provide people with in-game bonuses that won’t need a deposit. Most of these games are easy to play, and as the name stands, they are pretty automatic and easy to enjoy.

    For example, Aviator from Spribe is a game that has become quite famous, and it is available in 0x.bet Casino. In this particular case, the game will give us a chance to “fly” an airplane for a few seconds, and as it flies, it will give people more money, but if the airplane goes out of control, the bet is lost, which means players need to know when to retire.

    There are other similar games, and they are all as fun as Aviator, which can pave the way for players who are used to flash games way faster!

    Table Games

    Table games are among the top-played titles in online casinos. These are mostly enjoyed by traditional casino players who prefer classic games over the “new” style of flash games available on the platform.

    In this section, players will find all kinds of table games available for playing, which is something great for those who want to play some 0x.bet Casino bonuses codes roulettes, or some poker, or even baccarat! 

    Of course, there are many options available here for all kinds of gamblers. The best thing about the platform is that their table games are provided by different companies, meaning there will be not only variety when it comes to the titles, but also in the play style, graphics, and more.

    Thankfully, there’s also a demo version available here. Players will get the chance to try these table games before actually making a bet, and they can get some 0x.bet Casino no deposit bonus here as they play, but they won’t earn any real money for now, but it’s a good way to get to know these games.

    Live games

    The live games available in 0x.bet will give players all the fun they need. There are all kinds of games here, and, players can access the 0x.bet promo codes as some of these games are linked to the promotions the platform has.

    In this 0x.bet review checking out the live games catalog is a must to see if it’s actually worth it or not. For experienced players, live games are the best options due to the excitement and prizes they provide.

    For the 0x.bet games, players will find dice, roulettes, blackjack, poker, and baccarat, and all of these games have different variations available. Most of these games are also available 24/7, which means there won’t be any restrictions for players to enjoy them.

    Software Providers 0x.bet Casino

    After talking about the selection of games available in the casino, as well as some of the 0x.bet Casino no deposit bonus codes, it’s time to give more information regarding which are software providers available here.

    Even though some of them were mentioned before, it is better to know exactly what they are offering and how important they can be in a platform!

    • Yggradsil: Innovation is the first word players can have in mind when thinking about this company. Their games are pretty enjoyable; they are designed to suit the needs of different kinds of players and offer a unique graphic experience.
    • Spribe: Spribe is gaining recognition among the iGaming platforms, and thanks to games like Aviator, they are becoming a must-have in these platforms, especially as they are pioneers in the instant games category.
    • Play N’ Go: Based mostly in the slots market, this company has created different types of games, some with incredible backgrounds, some others with a simpler but enjoyable design, but in the end, all of them enjoyable.
    • NetEnt: Known for its impact on casinos, NetEnt is one of the providers alongside the 0x.bet Casino free spin codes are making it more famous in the industry. They have been developing casino games for over 5 years, and they are considered premium providers in the industry.

    These are only some of the top providers of software available in 0x.bet. There are some others, but these are what make 0x.bet Casino codes better due to everything they are offering!

    Is 0x.bet a Serious Casino?

    Leaving all the 0x.bet casino bonus codes aside, it’s time to talk and give people information about whether this is a safe platform or not.

    As happens with many other casinos out there, licensing and knowing more about who runs the casino is quite important. It adds a layer of security that players will be glad to have at all times.

    For this particular platform, all the licenses are correct, meaning it is safe for players to play here. All the rights and everything related to 0x.bet as a casino are owned and operated by Casbit Group N.V., and they are licensed in Curacao with the reg. number 157923.

    The payment agent they use is located in Tallinn, and they are a key part of the operations of 0x.bet as a casino.

    0x.bet Casino Mobile version

    Now, time to talk about the 0x.bet Casino free spins codes in the mobile version. Just like it happens with many other casinos out there, 0x.bet doesn’t have a mobile version available for players to use.

    Even though this is something that players need to keep in mind, there’s no need to worry about that. Everyone who wants to use the platform through mobile will still be able to visit the website and enjoy the responsive design they have available.

    Thanks to this, the latest bonus, the best cryptocurrency, the 0x.bet Casino bonus codes, and much more, are still usable for people who either have an Android or iOS device. 

    Also, just like it happens with the 0x.bet Casino promo code, most of the games are also available in this version. There are just a few games out of the list, but most of them are working, just like the 0x.bet promo codes.

    Payments and Withdrawals

    One of the things mentioned before was related to the payment and withdrawal methods available on the platform. Now it’s time to talk more about how they work and what people need to keep in mind when using them, just like it has happened with the 0x.bet bonus codes and games.

    In this particular case, the casino is fully managed with different cryptocurrencies. Even though the 0x.bet Casino no deposit bonus code is managed in Euros; people will only be able to deposit money using cryptos.

    The good thing here is that, for both a deposit and withdrawal, the payment methods are the same. In case you need to see them again, here’s the list of available options:


    Also, it is important to mention that just like the 0x.bet Casino no deposit bonus; both withdrawals and deposits will be available as soon as they are confirmed. 

    Customer Support at 0x.bet Casino

    After talking about eh 0x.bet casino free spin codes, the 0x.bet casino no deposit bonus code, and the software providers, it is now time to see how customer support works here.

    As for 0x.bet,  they have a great support team that is available 24/7 through different channels. For those wondering, one of the terms and conditions of the support team comes with the fact they are active whenever people need them, so there shouldn’t be issues related to his aspect.

    Whether people have an issue with a 0x.bet Casino no deposit promotion, or with a 0x.bet casino promo code, the customer support team will be there to help. 

    The channels they offer to help out casino users are live chat, which is directly enabled in the platform, and email. Live chat is faster due to how the system works, but email queries are also answered as soon as they can.


    Can people change languages in the casino?

    If you are not an English speaker, which is the main language of the casino, you can change it to one of the six languages available for use there.

    Where can people find the privacy policy casino website?

    All of the information related to the privacy policy of 0x.bet is available at the bottom of the website. People can find the website there and read all the information provided there.

    Is there a limit to trying out demo games in 0x.bet Casino?

    No. People can even get 0x.bet Casino no deposit code when using demo versions, even though these won’t give real money to players.

    Can people access with a VPN to 0x.bet? 

    Yes. As we mentioned before, 0x.bet can be accessed with a VPN, and this is great to know, especially due to the casino being restricted in many countries.

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