Crypto Betting Sites In 2023

Crypto and, in particular, Bitcoin gained most of their popularity at the beginning of 2013 and ever since then, it has been up and down on the market. A lot of brands took advantage of it and decided to include it as a payment method when placing a bet. We have selected some of the most popular bitcoin betting sites, and the most beneficial promotions they offer.


# Crypto Betting Site Promotional Offer
1 GGBet Grab your 100%!
2 ArcaneBet 100% Casino Welcome Offer
3 bet365 Up to €50 in Bet Credits
4 Betway 150% Welcome Offer
5 22bet Sports Bet Welcome Bonus Up To $/€ 122


There are also other bitcoin casino sites but we will list them below in the next paragraphs. The ones you see above are only the best rated in 2023.

Cryptocurrency BTC Sport Sites

We have a very big list of sports betting blockchain sites. We have carefully checked all of them, and we can assure you that the ones you are seeing below are only the best in the industry. If you want to join them, you are free to do it, and as soon as you visit their platforms, you will see how amazing the brands are. The majority of them are providing very large crypto sports bonuses, which are available for new customers and existing clients.


●     Bovada ●     BetMaster ●     ThunderPick
●     Melbet ●     SapphireBet ●     1xbit
●     CloudBet ●     Stake ●     BetChaser


There are plenty of others blockchain betting sites. It is normal that we cannot list all of them here because we will need a lot of pages. However, we have tried to provide you only with the most reputable brands that really worth joining. We will be happy if you contact us and suggest other operators that accept cryptocurrency betting. We are always open to ideas as we can even review your suggestions, trying to list them here if they are good enough.

Fantasy Betting Sport Sites

If you are searching for crypto fantasy sports betting sites, you will need to know that there are not enough brands offering such services at the moment. However, we have managed to find a few for you, which can be joined even by the players in the USA. You do not need to get surprised a lot if you see that the sites are one of the big names in the world.


Just observe carefully the websites and see if they are going to be good enough for you, so you can place successful bets. Here is the list we have for you, where you can make safe deposits with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies.


  • Fanduel
  • Bovada
  • ag


Fanduel is popular for being known as one of the major fantasy sports betting sites. It has been operating since July 2009 and it attracts lots of customers because of the brand name and the very quality platform and features. Bitcoin is crypto where you can bet on sports and Fanduel will allow you to do that due to the huge interest and the recent implementation of Bitcoin.


The good news for the fans of Fanduel became reality in 2019 when the company announced that. Except for Bitcoin, you will have the chance to bet on sports with Bitcoin Cash too, making the site one of the first fantasy sports platforms doing that. Betting with cryptocurrency is now easier than ever. In addition, crypto payments are very safe and secured, which makes them even more preferable.


In the near future, Fanduel will have the chance to expand its cryptocurrency portfolio. There are lots of sports betting altcoin blockchain currencies and it will be good if we see some of them on this platform. We are optimistic that Ethereum will be introduced and it will be implemented with the other very viral currencies now – Cardano and USDT/Tether.


The gambling website of Bovada has been dealing with fantasy sports for the past few years. It became very popular in the world and it has a license. We can name the brand with another name as well – a blockchain gaming betting site with lots of cryptocurrency possibilities. Bitcoin was initially introduced on the site a few years ago. Many people were skeptical about it but the real truth is that at the moment this type of cryptocurrency is among the most used methods for deposits and withdrawals.


This is something normal because players enjoy playing their most favorite fantasy sports with Bitcoin. Crypto gambling on sports is for sure very popular on the platform of Bovada because of the fast transactions and the excellent data protection you will receive while doing these transactions. We want to say that it is almost impossible for some hackers to steal anything from you, including your personal data or banking information.


Similar to Fanduel, we expect some alternative cryptocurrency betting coins to be implemented on the platform soon. However, we will need to wait for this because the only officially signed partnership is with Bitcoin. Though we are optimistic to see other cryptos in the future. It is very likely that Bovada will want to sign some exclusive deals with the other crypto providers too such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and maybe Litecoin.

For the past few years, is one of the websites, which improved a lot when it comes to betting. Except for the fact that they have turned into one of the most solid sports betting Bitcoin sites, they introduced fantasy betting too. We are sure that if you bet on fantasy sports, you know this brand and there is no need for us to write something more about it. review

However, we can say a few words about the cryptocurrency methods that accepts. All deposits and withdrawals will happen very fast, and for them, you can use not only Bitcoin but also Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. Interesting is the fact that for the past few days, we have had indications that Stellar Lumens will be implemented along with USD Coin. Indeed, this will make the brand one of the best block-chain betting sites that allow fantasy betting too.

BTC eSports Sites

ESports betting has become very popular in the last couple of years and more and more people are using it as a way of winning extra money. It is a way of competing with other players using video games. Most of the time the competition is between professional teams but individual players can participate as well. Below you will see some of the betting websites where you can bet on your favorite game and team.


●     GGbet ●     ArcaneBet
●     10bet ●     bet365
●     22bet ●     Betway



GGbet is a relatively new website with lots of promotions and betting options. Of course, one of the best features they offer is the chance to bet on different eSport using cryptocurrencies. This gives the chance to more bettors to try their luck and win some cash. The brand is constantly updating the bonuses included on the website and has great wagering requirements.


10bet is one of the veterans in the industry with more than 15 years of history and lots of beneficial bonus offers. If you are looking for diverse eSports betting options, this will be the perfect place for you. Here you can find one of the most well-known video games and the best teams to bet on. Every month new events are being added and they include numerous opportunities and high betting scores.


Another very reliable bitcoin esports betting site is 22bet. It was founded in 2018 and is one of the most popular brands for this type of betting in Europe. During the last couple of years, 22bet expanded even more and now is available for players from all around the world. The website supports many languages and has a very professional and 24/7 available customer support team.


ArcaneBet was established in 2017 and has a great variety of betting options. Just like the other brands above, it has also implemented btc esports betting opportunities and plenty of video games to choose from. Depending on the market, the website can offer unique eSports to bet on and get nice winnings. Make sure to check their daily updated promotions and get the best one for you based on your interests.



This is probably the website that everyone has heard of. Founded 20 years ago, it is now used for eSports betting by millions of users daily. This is a clear indicator that the brand is more than reliable and is providing real results with amazing and professional service. We can say that the eSports betting market of bet365 is new to the US market but it is well established in Europe and especially in the UK. You can find different games and teams to place your bet on and update your results on a daily basis.


Betway, just like bet365 is a leader in the eSports betting industry with a long history of existence and many rewards given. When it comes to bitcoin betting the site has a lot of options available and eSports is one of them. It was added to the list of features of the brand and ever since that moment, it is a very popular way of getting extra money. If you are wondering where to put your money, Betway will be an amazing option with many opportunities ahead.

Is Crypto Sports Betting Legal in the US?

Crypto Sports Betting is very popular among bettors. It is allowed in the country but only when it is provided by legitimate websites with the proper licenses to provide these types of services. Since the invasion of cryptocurrencies began more than 10 years ago, more brands have been interested in including them in their betting opportunities. Of course, it took some time until this happened, but now bitcoin betting sites are all around and are completely legal.

Are Bitcoin Betting Sites Safety?

Nowadays, bitcoins and cryptocurrencies overall are some of the safest methods for you to purchase something online, to invest, and so on. That is the reason why many betting websites decided to include them in the payment methods. This is how bitcoin sports betting started and now it is popular all around the world.


Because of the fact that Bitcoin is a decentralized online cryptocurrency and is not controlled by any institution, it is one of the safest ways to bet online. No personal or card information is required and everything remains based on pure maths. Of course, in order for you to be completely safe, you need to check all of the bitcoin betting sites that you are interested in. Make sure they cover all of the safety requirements and then you can place a bet using bitcoins.

And because the cryptocurrencies are based on a blockchain, it will give you a huge advantage when betting and you can get higher odds.

Cryptocurrency Betting Regulation

As we already mentioned above, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any institution and this creates no certain rules when it comes to regulating them. Different countries have different approaches but there are some similarities depending on the countries’ economies. Some big organizations like the Group of Seven and the European Union are trying to sum up all of the ideas they have and to make equal regulation rules for crypto betting. Until this moment comes the cryptocurrencies will stay as a blockchain and will give more stability.


Some of the countries which have included online crypto betting regulations already are the UK, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, and Italy. The country which has the strongest control over crypto gambling is Japan.

Football Bitcoin Betting

Football is one of the major sports in the world. You will have the chance to place lots of bets on it, including on the following markets: Moneyline, Over/Under, Asian Handicap, Correct Score, First Goalscorer, etc. BTC betting in lots of countries, including the USA, is relatively popular because there are lots of operators who are offering Bitcoin betting services. For example, one website like Melbet introduced crypto betting a few years ago and now you can make deposits and withdrawals even by using Cardano. The same cryptocurrency might be used in sports like football (even on College level).

Bitcoin Soccer Betting

Soccer is not that famous in the USA but when it comes to betting, there are enough people who prefer to bet on it. If you are a beginner bettor, it is a good idea to bet on soccer when you reach the Bitcoin sports betting sites. It is not difficult to place bets on this sport because you can do it even if you do not have enough knowledge.


The markets that are available for BTC betting are similar to the markets available in Football. The slight difference is in the Moneyline, where there is a draw (not just Home or Away win). Both Teams to Score is also a very popular betting option. We are sure that you will use it a lot, especially if you do not know the teams that are playing and you are relying mostly on the statistics.

Cryptocurrency Fantasy Football

There are also crypto fantasy sports, and one of the most popular of them is Football. There are enough platforms that will allow you to make bets on Fantasy Football but the main problem is that not all of them support Bitcoin betting. The typical operators like DraftKings have not introduced cryptocurrencies but we are expecting this to happen in the very near future. It is possible because more and more players prefer to use cryptos as their primary method of paying due to the fast and very secure transactions.

Fantasy Baseball Betting

Except for Fantasy Football, Fantasy baseball is also very famous as a sport that can be gambled online. Unfortunately, just like football, there are not enough crypto fantasy sports betting sites. Actually, we are not aware of such websites, which will allow you to place your bets on fantasy sports, including baseball. Baseball is a major sports industry, especially in the USA but for now, you will have to wait if you want to taste the crypto betting baseball world.

Crypto Fantasy Sports Betting

We have already mentioned two very popular sports in the USA that are available for betting with crypto money. However, there are other popular events that you can bet on, not just fantasy sports. But we will continue with introducing other sports that are very popular and you can use your crypto winnings on the Bitcoin betting sites. Here is the list with the other fantasy sports:


  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL)
  • American Football (NFL)

Other Famous Crypto Betting Sports

Definitely, some of the most famous sports in the world are soccer and basketball but there are also other sports, which are popular among the bettors when it comes to Bitcoin sports betting. We have listed some of them below but know that there are many other sports. In the different countries, the sports may vary but the ones mentioned below are some of the most usual sports in absolutely all countries.


Maybe this is one of the most underrated sports but it is very famous in numerous countries. Unfortunately, in the USA it is not that popular because there is not a professional league yet (everything is on a College level) but still lots of people are playing it, and bets are accepted. This is making volleyball one of the best sports that allow betting with cryptocurrency.

Ice Hockey

We are sure that all of you know this sport and there is no need from our side to introduce it. The emotion and passion, which can bring you this sport are incomparable to any others and just because of this there are lots of BTC betting sites that have it on their platforms. Unfortunately, the sport is very difficult for the bettors due to the lots of time when the markets are closed or suspended. Besides, the action on the ice hockey field happens very fast and your chances to place a good bet are not very bright.


If you are looking for a sport where you can win a lot of money, tennis is definitely one of these sports. Though, just like the sports we mentioned above, this is not a quite famous sport in the blockchain betting sphere. But as we wrote, if you want to make money, this is the most ideal place as long as you find a sports betting crypto site, where you can bet on tennis. Melbet is one of these operators and it has a section with hundreds of markets. Depending on what you are looking for, you can bet on Moneyline, Over/Under, Asian Handicap, and many other betting options.

Bitcoin Betting Review Sites

We must say that the crypto sports betting sites are a lot and they have lots of positive reviews. It is useless for us to mention these reviews because you can search them on the internet but it will be good if we list the brands and their most popular features. Next to every operator you will be able to see why the blockchain betting site is so good and it attracts so many customers.


# Bitcoin Betting Sites Best Feature
1 GGbet Wide range of eSports
2 CloudBet Fast and secured transactions
3 Melbet Lots of promotional offers
4 Stake Many Risk-Free Bets
5 BetChaser Big variety of betting options


It is very reasonable to say that there are many other cryptocurrency betting sites. However, we have listed only the best 5 brands we have on our website. We have ranked them not by the best feature but by the overall experience we had with these operators. If you have another top 5 list, we will be happy to hear it from you. Though, do not expect us to make often corrections, especially if the betting blockchain sites are solid and stable.

Best Sports Betting Sites

We have already gone through the best crypto sports betting and blockchain sites and now it is time to show you the regular sportsbooks that still do not have the option to use cryptos on their platform but it is not excluded very soon to be added. We decided not to make a table but a simple ordered list, so you can see our top 5 based on the marks we have from our experts in the industry.


Note that our experts have researched these brands over the past few weeks, as they placed a lot of bets, trying to win, lose and ask for their payouts. They have tested the bonuses, promotions for existing customers, cashout options, and the huge variety of live betting markets. All of these features are very essential and without them, we cannot rank one sports betting site as good.


  1. Bet365
  2. DraftKings
  3. BetMGM
  4. Ceasars
  5. BetRivers


These are some of the brands that are very popular in the USA but be sure that there are also many other sportsbooks such as Fox Bet and Unibet, which are not very far from the standards we have applied during our research. They are not blockchain-based betting sites but it is not excluded to see some of them implementing cryptocurrencies.

Top BTC Betting Sites

It is time to show you the list of the top BTC sports betting sites we have managed to find for you. Just like the lists above, we have carefully researched these brands by the following criteria: bonuses and promotions, security and regulation, deposits and withdrawals, platform, and selection of sports events. The results from our research show that the following brand is considered top sportsbooks, which are available for the majority of players, all over the world.


# BTC Betting Site Best Feature Welcome Offer
1 GGbet Wide Range of eSports 150% Deposit Bonus
2 CloudBet Superfast Transactions 5 BTC + 200 Free Spins
3 BetMaster Weekly Cashback Offers 100% Welcome Bonus
4 FortuneJack Regular Free Bets Up To 10 mBTC Bonus
5 1xBit Lots of Betting Markets Up To 7 BTC Cashback


Maybe in the future, we will expand the list with top BTC sport betting sites but for now, this is everything we can give to you. The brands that are listed above are very carefully selected, and at the moment there are not good enough sites, which can be added to that list. Yes, in this article, we have mentioned a lot of sports betting altcoin blockchain sites and they are not worse than those shown above in the table, but if you are looking only for the top brands, you need to rely on the list here.

Bitcoin Alternative Betting Sites

There are many alternatives to the BTC sports betting sites. Of course, they accept payments with Bitcoin but this is not the only available cryptocurrency. For example, one of the most famous and popular cryptocurrencies is Ethereum. However, this is not the only viral on the web and there are also other values – Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDT/Tether, Cardano, etc.


But let’s get back to the point and see what are the online crypto sports betting brands, which will allow you to place bets using these cryptocurrencies. There are not a lot but still, you will have a choice. Our number one is GGbet, which is indeed one of our top providers for sports betting services but here you are a list with other three operators:


  • Melbet
  • Fanduel
  • GGbet


Now, let’s write something more about cryptocurrencies and how they are performing on the various online sports betting and blockchain sites. Note that there are lots of cryptocurrencies, maybe more than 100 but we will list only the most popular among the bettors.

Ethereum Betting Sites

Ethereum is quite popular at the moment because of the constantly increasing price. It is famous also because a lot of celebrities are speculating about the importance of this crypto, and how it is going to become one of the major paying currencies in the future. We partly share this hypothesis because we can see what a big impact this cryptocurrency has on the industry of betting.

GGbet review

More and more blockchain sports betting websites are implementing Ethereum as a payment method. It is very fast, secure, and safe, and now the price is very good if you decide to use it for investments. GGbet is one of the sites, which are offering this type of banking option and they were among the first operators, which dared to allow cryptocurrency betting.

Ripple Betting Sites

Ripple is maybe one of the most underrated cryptocurrencies. It became famous a few years ago when the price rose dramatically from 1 cent to almost 1 dollar. However, it has never become very expensive as a currency and because of this, people started selling their Ripples. This is something normal because they found no good investment in it, until the beginning of 2023 when the price started rising again.


Melbet is one of the few sites, which will allow you to make deposits using Ripples. Definitely, this is one of the most secured cryptos, and it works with lots of banks. The BTC sports betting site we have mentioned listed Ripple a few years ago, and it seems that players love to play with it because it is no longer good for long-term investments.

Bitcoin Cash Betting Sites

Bitcoin Cash is as popular as Bitcoin when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Almost every betting website, which has successfully implemented Bitcoin as a payment method, will very likely have Bitcoin Cash on its platform. It has a lot of similarities with the abovementioned crypto but the main difference is in the quantity that is set for trading.


Lots of payment platforms started trading with Bitcoin Cash too. The real example is Web Money, which is a software tool that will allow you not only to trade with it but also make payments.


Online sports betting Bitcoin Cash sites are almost all sites that accept Bitcoin as well. Fanduel, Melbet, and Cloudbet are a few of the gambling platforms, which will allow you to make safe deposits and place bets on your favorite sports with this type of cryptocurrency.

Litecoin Betting Sites

Along with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin was initially very popular and almost every new Bitcoin sport betting site has it as a payment option. It is extremely popular among players who love to play casino games too. Unfortunately, now it is not that famous in the betting world, and there are not many sportsbooks where you will find it as a trading and betting option.


However, you can still use Litecoin on the website called Melbet, where lots of other cryptocurrencies are accepted. Litecoin is a preferred cryptocurrency because of its reliable network and blockchain technology. If you think it is not stable enough to place bets on sports, you are wrong and it will be good to read some info that you can find on the internet.

USDT/Tether Betting Sites

USDT or Tether (the name of the company) is a very fast and secured cryptocurrency, which is now widely accepted among the best blockchain betting review sites. It has the price of the USD, and because of this, it is considered a very stable cryptocurrency with a constant price that does not differ a lot compared to the other cryptos.


It is hard for us to believe that there are almost no sportsbooks that accept USDT when we know that this is a very good and reliable currency. There are already casino sites that implement this payment option but for the sports betting platforms, we cannot say the same. One of the most recent bookmakers that started accepting bets with Tether is Melbet, which should not surprise you when you see how many cryptos this brand accepts.


What is making one online crypto sports betting site good?

A cryptocurrency betting site is good if it has a lot of promotional offers, the deposits on the site happen smoothly, and you will have no issues requesting payouts. If there is a big selection of sports events, it is a bonus, but not mandatory.

What are the best blockchain betting sporting coins?

Most of the football clubs in the world (only the popular clubs) have their own online crypto sports betting coins. For example, Man City, PSG, and lots of other clubs will allow you to trade with their cryptocurrency and make payments on their fan stores.

Can I place bets with cryptocurrencies on CS:GO?

Yes, you can! GGbet is one of the many csgo betting sites btc where it is fully allowed to use crypto while placing bets. Actually, except for the CS:GO, you can place bets on other eSports – DOTA 2, LoL, Fifa, etc.

Where can I play betting games online for BTC?

You will have the chance to play the best BTC betting games on various platforms. Except for the sports events where you can place bets, you will have the chance to play casino games too. Some of the sites are very well-known and again GGbet is one of them.

What is the best site for Dota 2 betting BTC?

Just like the situation with CS:GO, you can play Dota 2 with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency at GGbet. The brand is very innovative and it will grab you with the amazing design it has and the lots of fantastic features, including excellent promotions.

How good is it to bet on football with Bitcoin?

There is almost no difference if you want to bet on football with USD or BTC. There is absolutely no difference if we exclude the numbers you will need to type in the bet slips. Bitcoin football betting is widely known in Europe and some parts of Asia but it will become very popular in the USA soon when more sportsbooks become licensed.

What are the Bitcoin sports betting alternatives?

Except for the sport betting Bitcoin sites, you can make bets on other platforms like casinos and bingo sites. Online slots are extremely popular all over the world and now there are lots of them that allow BTC bets. There are also plenty of Bingo Rooms, where you can buy tickets with BTC, which is indeed very interesting and it attracts lots of customers.