US Bitcoin Dice Sites

Even though further in the article you will find interesting technical information about crypto games that proves you can safely trust them, the choice of the platform still matters a lot. To make the challenge of finding the most convenient website on the fast-growing market, we will narrow the selection of options to the best Bitcoindice sites. One of the key factors for the platform to make it to the following list was the availability in the United States.

Make sure to check out every suggested portal:

  • Bitvest Casino. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, the platform is strictly focused on providing cryptocurrency gambling options. Offers 6 types of activities including Plinko, Roulette, Keno, Slots, Bitspin and Dice, and a faucet option that works differently depending on the level of the account. In addition to Bitcoin, the platform supports 5 more cryptocurrencies amongst which you can find Ethereum and Dogecoin.
  • BetFury casino. The modern design of the website complemented by the simple layout of the functional interface is a nice feature. However, the faucet that allows getting cryptocurrency every 20 minutes and the range of games that includes dice BTC options are what we came here for. Explore the “Farming” tab to earn even more!
  • BetChain casino. The platform has been around since 2013 and has accumulated a decent selection of cryptocurrency games. Here you can enjoy Craps, Sic Bo, and Rocket Dice while winning real money in Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the casino does not offer any faucet but the free BTC for registration and the fact that the major share of games are provably fair totally makes up for that.
  • OneHash casino. It stands out among other crypto dice sites in terms of the diversity of game selection. Here you will find all sorts of skill games as well as casual ones, card games and simple dice options. Here you can also claim faucet credits to explore the demo versions of the available games. The clean look of the website and pleasant bonuses complement the general feel of the platform.

At the end of the day, your personal preferences will have a huge impact on the choice of the platform. However, you have to be able to evaluate the casino’s features soundly. Generally, it is difficult to find a good BTC casino for US players due to laws that prohibit wagering real money online. Currently, any cryptocurrency is treated as any other currency.

What is Bitcoin Dice?

Generally speaking, crypto dice games have the widest fan base among all other gambling activities on these types of platforms. SatoshiDICE is the first iteration of the casino game based on the blockchain system. As it comes from the name, their main trait is the support of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency depending on the website. What makes them so popular is the casual gameplay that does not require any skill base or knowledge but provides the feeling of control over the situation. Software allows making precise manual predictions on the results of each roll of the dice. Usually, there is an option to bet on “high” or “low” roll or to choose the exact number as a threshold. All of that is reinforced by a provably fair system that is currently widely used with the majority of titles from leading developers, but more on that later.

Another feature that draws the attention of new punters to the crypto dice games is the so-called “instant gratification”. Here you do not have to wait long sessions to win or even to lose some credits. It takes a couple of minutes for every separate roll of the dice with the bet placement included. Moreover, the payouts are also almost instant. Many gamblers argue that the Dice or Craps based on blockchain are the most pure form of internet gambling; you just select a number and make a bet.

Is Play BTC Dice Safety?

When it comes to trying out online gambling, many people are on the fence because there is always a question of safety. In addition to randomness of the outcomes, it is difficult to trust the system if you cannot see the algorithm and paytables. Luckily, the majority of the modern internet casinos begin to implement provably fair concepts. These BTC dice games take advantage of a specific blockchain system to be as transparent for the punters as possible.

However, mentioning this concept is still not enough for ensuring the potential clients of the security of the whole system. So how does it work? The operator provides a certain method for verification of the money transactions. It could be a random seed generator or other open source algorithms. Each player receives a hash that contains all the information about the outcomes of the games. The platform cannot possibly do any manipulations with it after every client gets it. From the punters’ side, they also have no chance to use it to find out about the outcomes and change bets, because the hash uses complicated encryption. However, when the game is finished, players can use the hash to examine every in-game event and the outcome on the whole to evaluate its fairness.

The lineup of provably fair games:

  1. Dice BTC game;
  2. Slots;
  3. Video Poker;
  4. Roulettes;
  5. Craps;
  6. Coin Flip;
  7. Plinko and more.

The use of provably fair algorithms really adds a layer of trustworthiness to the gambling platform and its services. It is essential to understand how it works on the base level to know how to take advantage of it efficiently.

Bitcoin Dice Sites Reviews

Another aspect of playing at the Bitcoin dice sites safely in 2021 is the ability to choose the right one. When it comes to finding proper reviews on these sites, you should stick with reputable sources with unbiased opinions or look up real customers’ comments on Reddit or other relevant forums. We have already provided a list of some options that we think pack all the essential features of a “good cryptocurrency casino” and now we want to talk about what exactly makes them “good”.

Best Bitcoin dice site cannot do without:

  • Decent selection of fair games. Let’s be honest, the house (casino) always has an edge over the customers to make a profit. However, sometimes you can stumble upon significant differences in RTP rates of games as well as payout percentages. The availability of activities with the provably fair algorithm is also an advantage;
  • Functional and convenient interface. The ability to navigate the BTC dice site easily cannot be overestimated. Even if the selection of activities is not huge, the availability of well-thought tabs and pages makes the experience way better;
  • Swift payouts and a reliable banking system. Real money gambling will not go far without deposits, obviously. The site has to support multiple cryptocurrencies and cashout options. Look for the platforms that do not charge any additional fee for money transactions;
  • Crypto faucets, VIP programs, seasonal bonuses, and events. It is impossible to win the attention of the gambler without being extremely generous with promotions.
  • The availability of a separate mobile application or optimized website version of the casino. Considering the number of people that prefer using mobile devices to access cryptocurrency dice portals, it is not a surprise.

Best Crypto Dice 2021

The challenge of choosing a Bitcoin dice game is not just adding two plus two, especially considering the available variety of options. Some of you might find it unnecessary to put so much effort into evaluating a gambling activity with such simple gameplay and mechanics. However, quite a few aspects make up a “good” online casino game you might be not aware of.

  • The first and the most important one is the house edge of the game. Even though cryptodice options generally offer one of the lowest edges of 0.5% to 2%, you still need to consider this aspect. To put it simply, the lower this characteristic is, the more chances the gambler has to win. It is one of the key features of the technical information about the game that can be found on the Internet. Combine this trait with a provably fair algorithm to enjoy the most transparent gambling experience possible.
  • The quality and functionality of the interface. Every crypto dice game is meant to be played swiftly with quick sessions. Thus, the last thing you want to get in the way of your gambling is the bad layout of the interface or its poor quality. It also includes the scaling and high resolution of the icons and buttons. This aspect also offers the availability of special features like bots (autoplay) and API. The ability to use them makes playing Bitcoin dice games even more casual and simple.
  • Maximum profit possible per single bet as well as the lowest value of a single bet. In fact, the options from different developers can vary in these characteristics a lot, which is why it is so important to double-check the description of them before actually wagering any credits.

With theoretical stuff out of the way, we want to provide a short list of the games that we consider the best in 2019-2021.

The website Casino edge, % Max profit per bet, BTC Bots availability
Safedice 0.5 1 Yes
Primedice 1 1 Yes
CryptoGames 0.8 1 Yes
Nitrogen Sports 1 1 No
BetBTC 1 1 Yes

Bitcoin Dice Bonuses

We have already briefly touched upon the topic of promotions in BTC dice sites while mentioning the importance of those for any modern punter. The thing is that using bonuses allows creating more opportunities to earn real money with internet gambling platforms and that is exactly the main goal of the players. Apart from that, some of the offers make the general experience with the portal a lot more interesting and exciting. In this section of the article, we want to focus on describing some of the most common bonuses you can find on the reviewed type of gambling websites.

The main types of offers:

  1. Special offer for newcomers. Undoubtedly, the largest benefit of this bonus is the boost it gives to the new players to keep them involved and kind of addicted to the platform. There are quite a few types of this promotion and what newbies get usually depends on the particular platform. Usually, it consists of a matching bonus of 100%-150% for the first deposit and some free spins. For instance, if the promotion is 100%, after accruing 0.2 BTC to the account, you can get 0.4 bonus BTC. More importantly, BTCdice sites allow withdrawing those bonus Bitcoin funds after the player meets certain wagering requirements.
  2. No deposit promotions. While it gets less common nowadays, some outstanding platforms still treat their clients with this type of offer. Its main benefit is that you do not have to accrue any amount of credits to activate it. Moreover, there is no need to look for a certain bonus code because the best dice BTC sites allow activating it during the registration of the account.
  3. Bitcoin faucet. We have already written a lot of words about this type of feature, so it is unnecessary to repeat all the technical information. However, it is important to emphasize that this feature basically allows earning Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without much effort. It is almost essential for the portal to include it in the portfolio to make it to the list of the top Bitcoin dice sites.
  4. Seasonal events and regular bonuses. Considering the limited selection of activities on dice-focused platforms, it is difficult to overestimate any features that spice up the gambling experience. Leaderboard challenges with pleasant rewards certainly make it more exciting to gamble and win every day.

How To Win In Bitcoin Dice?

Every gambler tends to look for the most efficient strategies for the preferred game, whether it is a BTC dice game or any other gambling activity. For sure, the first option is insanely popular for transparency, the ability to play it anonymously, and simple gameplay that still can cause addiction. However, do not be fooled by the simplicity of the gameplay and take a serious approach to understanding the best ways to get the most out of your sessions.

The rules are simple; choose the number from 1 to 100 and decide whether the dice will roll under or over the threshold. While it is quite easy to calculate the odds of winning with every certain bet, there is more to consider. We have already mentioned the role of the house edge, so we assume you take it into account. To give this section of the article more practical value we will provide the list of strategies for dice crypto games that make the most sense. However, before skipping to that part you should remember an important tip. It is impossible to buy a magical solution that will bring your win rate to 100%. Everything you need to know is in the free access, so do not trust sites that try to sell some “secret strategies”.

Now, onto the real strategies you can use:

  1. Identify patterns. Consider the results of all the previous rolls while making the decision about the following bet. For example, if you constantly roll under 40, the chances that this streak will end soon are quite high. If you see no consistency in the rolls, it can mean that this alternating pattern should also end after a couple more bets;
  2. Martingale Strategy. Common for all the gambling activities, it also works perfectly fine with almost any dice game with Bitcoin. According to it, the punter has to increase the amount of BTC he or she bets on the losing streak. Eventually, when the streak is over, the credits you win with a single roll cover all the previous losses;
  3. Paroli Strategy. Unlike the previous one, this strategy requires the player to increase the bet by two after each winning roll. After 3 consecutive wins, the gambler stops raising the value of the bet. Hitting an unlucky roll resets the value of the bet to the base level and the player repeats the circle once again.

Bitcoin Poker Withdrawal (Cashout)

While researching the market of new BTC dice sites it is easy to notice that almost none of them emphasize the withdrawal time and process. It also counts for other cryptocurrency-focused platforms of the industry. However, there is no doubt that cashout time is quite an important characteristic for online gamblers. Obviously, they look for a portal that allows making swift deposits as well as withdrawals via the most convenient services and payment options.

As it comes from the name, casinos of this type build their banking system on cryptocurrency. The only difference is that some Bitcoin sites also support Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, and other cryptos. As for the transaction time, with larger platforms, it usually takes up to 24 working hours for the money to be transferred from your account, while with smaller websites that only support BTC, you can expect withdrawals to take less than 1 hour. Anyway, you should always check these details about the chosen casino as well as other nuances of the Terms and Conditions section before depositing real money and gambling.

Coinbase is the service you can use to exchange your cryptocurrency after withdrawing it from the casino. Here you can also buy it to start your journey with dice Bitcoin game platforms.

What cryptocurrency is the best for gambling and how do I know whether it is the proper time to invest my Bitcoin in gambling? The answer is in special websites that provide full analytics on the current market of cryptocurrency like CoinGecko. Here you can find market capitalization, the volume of turnover and price as well as the development of open-source code, the evolution of the community, and major events of all the existing cryptocurrencies. Another source of information you should take advantage of before diving into Bitcoin dice games is Bitcointalk – the main online forum on the topic of cryptocurrency that has functioned for over 10 years now. Talk to other investors and make your choices with consideration of all the points you can possibly find.

TOP BTC Casino Worldwide

The article already includes the list of best Bitcoin dice websites that have all the essential features and can provide a unique gambling experience. However, now it is time to mention some of the online casinos that accept cryptocurrency but do not focus specifically on the Dice games and offer a wider variety of gambling activities. It is important to note that the list of essential platform’s features we provided earlier works perfectly fine here too.

Our suggestions:

  • Stake casino. Relatively new website with a launch date in 2017, it accepts 8 types of cryptocurrency and offers a faucet feature. Here you can easily rely on customer support service that is available 24 hours a day if you have any issues or questions. The low house edge of under 1% is also worth mentioning;
  • Cloudbet. It has the status of leading BTC gambling portal of the current market for a reason. An enormous welcome bonus of 5 Bitcoin and 200 free spins is something to consider while making a choice. The platform supports only 5 cryptocurrencies but high deposit and withdrawal limits make up for that;
  • No Limit Casino. We could not miss mentioning this new player on the gambling market that features outstanding bonuses. Essentially, the name of the website speaks for itself; there are truly no limits here.
  • Betflip. Claim a staggering 10 BTC of the welcome offer and start your exciting journey of exploring Bitcoin dice activities and other options of the wide range of games. The platform is also famous for its special Euro 2020 offer and other seasonal events.

Crypto Dice Games

We figured it might be relevant to provide a brief guide on the types of dice Bitcoin games you can find on global casino websites. Despite the general gameplay mechanics being quite similar across the board, it is essential to know about the differences of the options to be able to choose the one which suits you the most.

Best dice crypto games:

  • Sic Bo is a gambling activity invented in China. It also has some variations that were created in the United States after emigrants from China introduced the game to local punters back in the XX century; Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck. Its unique feature is that the host rolls three dice simultaneously, which makes the gameplay more complicated. In addition, here you can only win or lose with every single roll, unlike with Craps, where the dealer may need to make some additional rolls;
  • Craps is arguably the ancestor of all dice game variations. Here you bet on the roll of 2 dice. In the casino version of the game, punters play against the dealer, while with the street version, they bet against each other. With this dice cryptocurrency game, gamblers can place multiple bets with various odds;
  • Traditional hi/lo dice. The BTC dice strategy with this version of the dice gambling activity includes choosing a number and predicting whether the result of the roll will be lower or higher than the chosen threshold. Out of all mentioned variations of the game, this one is the easiest to get into and has the fastest sessions.

Blockchain Dice Online

By this point of the review, you should probably have an overall opinion on the Blockchain technology dice games. However, it might be too much raw information to consume and understand at once. To make it easier to grasp the general benefits and drawbacks of this gambling activity we would like to provide a brief summary. Of course, the personal experience of every gambler is different but there are some objective facts that apply to everyone.


  1. Complete transparency of the results. Due to the implementation of the provably fair algorithm, it has become virtually impossible for internet casinos to trick their customers. The mentioned Blockchain technology allows gamblers to check the fairness of each game’s results;
  2. Simplicity. BTC fast dice games do not pack tons of features and nuances, which makes them a perfect choice for newcomers. The casual gameplay also does not require any particular skills and makes the sessions really fast;
  3. Generous bonuses and BTC faucets that make it possible to earn real cryptocurrency while gambling online;
  4. Top crypto dice sites have user-friendly interfaces. It is always neat and not busy because these platforms do not offer thousands of different games;


  1. The Bitcoin dice websites usually charge additional fees for money transactions;
  2. Casual gameplay might not be interesting to some gamblers, who look for more challenging and difficult activities.

Bitcoin Dice App for IOS

It has become really common to gamble on the go, especially considering the capabilities of modern smartphones. Gamblers tend to look for the mobile version of the casinos or even download dedicated applications, which is why pocket dice Bitcoin accessibility is very important.

Usually, website developers use HTML5 code as a base for their services, which makes it possible for players to access it via any device. Well, it does not work perfectly with iOS devices because they do not support Flash, which is essential for launching this type of software. The main option for Apple users is downloading a separate application of the casino from the official website or App Store. Remember that using third-party sources is dangerous as it threatens the security of your device and the sensitive data you have on it.

Bitcoin Dice Android

The situation with Android users is a bit simpler. The fact that they can use a legit BTC dice site if it runs on HTML5 eliminates the need to install any additional application on the smartphone. However, if the casino offers one, it is usually worth checking out due to better optimization and access to instant gambling on the go without using the browser.

In order to be able to install the app downloaded from the official website, you need to change the security settings of the phone and allow it to unpack apk files from unidentified sources. However, it is crucial to return the adjustments back after completing the installation process to avoid any problems with the safety of the device.


What is the best website for playing dice Bitcoin free games?

There is no option that will be applicable to every gambler. Such factors as the country, personal preferences, financial abilities, and many more matter a lot while choosing the platform for gambling. However, we recommend choosing from the list in the article.

Can I withdraw credits in cryptocurrency from Bitcoin dice US platforms?

Yes, both deposits and withdrawals made in BTC or other types of cryptocurrency with this type of gambling website. You can also use third-party online services to sell it and get the money on your credit card afterwards.

How do I get the biggest Bitcoin dice win?

Even though the game is based on randomness, you should use strategies of identifying different patterns to maximize your chances. It is crucial to consider all the previous games while placing a new bet.

What are provably fair Bitcoin dice games?

These games use a special algorithm that allows their players to claim an encrypted hash before the start of the game and check it afterwards to ensure the fairness of the results.

Are cryptocurrency gambling platforms legal to play?

It strictly depends on the regulation of gambling in your country. These websites are treated the same as ordinary online casinos, so you should rely on the laws of your region. If the portal has a relevant license, you can usually use its services safely.